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<b><font color="red">OUTAGE NOTIFICATION</font>:
<br>QSL.net email forwarding and Mailman services, as well as our Self-Help User Portal,  may be intermittent today, as we work out a couple of bugs.
Thanks for your patience.</b>

			<b>Please read the "<a href="/index.php?r=site/page&amp;view=news">Latest System News</a>" for important updates! (updated Nov 27, 2012)</b>
			QSL.net is dedicated to the sole purpose of furthering the abilities and interest of the Amateur Radio Community. If you are a licensed Amateur Radio Operator you are invited to reserve your free space on this server.
<a href="/index.php?r=site/page&amp;view=signuppage">Sign Up</a> and you will receive a free @qsl.net e-mail address that forwards to your existing e-mail account, along with free web server space to either move your homepage to this server, mirror your existing one, or lose all those excuses and finally START one.    
You may also be interested in joining one of over 600 amateur radio mailing lists... or even starting your own e-mail mailing list... utilizing our Mailman mailing list server.  See <a href="http://mailman.qth.net">http://mailman.qth.net</a> for more information.
For DX'ers, take a look at <a href="http://dx.qsl.net">DX.QSL.NET</a>, managed by N6RT.  You can search through over 2000 DX logs from over 100 different countries, using our powerful log search engine.  You can also view a large collection of dynamic propagation information and reports, including our new Tropo Ducting Reports.  And you may wish to spend some time with the #CQDX Chat service, where you can chat with other DXers and view real-time spots from DX Summit.
Tell your fellow Hams about our free services. Spread the word, encourage this site to all Amateur Radio Operators -- the more the better.    
 If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
 QSL.NET is funded by YOUR <a href="/index.php?r=site/donate">contributions</a>. Thanks for the support!<br>
              <p align="center"> 
<a width="74px" border="0" href="/index.php?r=site/donate"><img src="images/paypal-donate.gif" alt="" /></a>		<br>
                <b> We need your support! </b><br><br>
              </p> <!-- InstanceEndEditable --> 
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		Copyright &copy; 2009-2017 by QTH.com.<br/>
		All Rights Reserved.<br/>
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